Atelier de Montsalvy


In the heart of the Quercy countryside, the Atelier de Montsalvy collections have been created and produced since 1988.
Their characteristics are classic "Couture". A very french style, chic yet classic, with a touch of fantasy.


We have chosen to exclude from our collections the many poor immitation pearls flooding the market, to only use 'findings' permitted by law and to give preference to quality materials.
The Atelier de Montsalvy has been a member of the French BOCI jewellers group since 1993 and sells through many retailers in France and abroad.


Our jewelry is mostly made of glass beads of european origin : Venice, Bohemia, Germany or France. Some are adorned with gold or silver, blending fire and age-old skills, with the spark of cut glass, silk ribbons or the iridescense of mother-of-pearl.
The jewelry springs from the imagination of their creator, Dominique Brénéol-Truchot. Inspired by her verdant environment, she reinvents the theme of nature each season : sumptuous gardens or a palette of flowers like poems...

Always new, always sparkling...
All you have to do?...

Follow your heart!

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